Detox Treatment

Detox treatment, also known as detoxification or detox, is the process of removing toxic substances from the body. Detoxification in people is used for addictions to both drugs and alcohol. Alcohol or drug detox is the first step in an alcohol or drug rehabilitation. At Rebel New Life, we understand the detoxification process can be uncomfortable. The environment at Rebel New Life allows for a relaxing and safe detox with expert staff and a medication managed detox to avoid painful and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Detox is the first step in a substance abuse program, it is important to create a physical stability in order to move forward in the recovery process.

Residential Treatment

A residential treatment center is a live-in health care facility providing treatment for substance use disorders, mental illness, or other behavioral problems. Residential Inpatient is the next step in treatment in this setting Clinical professionals supervise patients and have 24/7 access to nursing and medical staff and learn to build a lasting foundation for their recovery. Inpatient care is important to produce long lasting recovery by assisting in ongoing assessments of the clients’ goals and needs.

Drug abuse

Addiction to illicit drugs or over the counter prescription drugs can ruin every part of your life. It can lead to loss careers, monetary depletion, legal issues, incarceration, vocational goals, relationships, family dysfunction, and deterioration of physical and mental health. Addiction can leave you feeling isolated and alone. Drug abuse can bring down your self-esteem and sometimes suicidal ideations. Overall, it can lead to a never-ending revolving door that seems almost impossible to get out of, but there is hope for change, it all comes down to making that decision.

Alcohol Abuse

Socialized drinking is considered harmless fun, and is done many times at social gatherings. It is easy for the occasional drinker to slip into something more become a binge drinker. This can spiral into people needing a drink to function or to even get up in the morning, to numb trauma and stress in a person’s life. Without placing stigma if you are abusing alcohol or experiencing consequences due to alcohol help is here for you. Alcohol can be a dangerous substance when used in excess and can lead life long physical and emotional impairment.

Therapy & Counseling

Substance abuse therapy and evidenced based counseling is a combination of treatment and support to assist people making a long-lasting change from drug or alcohol addiction. This specific type of therapy is often a key part of rehabilitation programs so clients can overcome substance abuse. We recognize the root cause of addiction can be pain/and or trauma. An individual most likely went through difficult circumstances and they were to overwhelmed to handle at the time which led to substance abuse. Therapy and counseling treatment services such as Individualized therapy utilizes approaches such as CBT, DBT, and Narrative therapy, can help rebuild self-esteem, confidence, boundaries, and working through other issues such as shame and guilt in order to facilitate recovery.

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